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Although embedded software is a part of general computer software, it's development is essentially differs from let say application development - actually it’s a process of making hardware "alive" and functional, which requires very specific skill and expertise.


Qualcomm, MediaTek, Broadcom, NXP

Target Systems:

RTOS, Linux, Android, QNX

Our team has profound experience in all levels of embedded software development and verification - Firmware, BSP, Embedded Frameworks (Middleware) and Embedded Applications on various Hardware (Qualcomm/MediaTek/Broadcom/NXP) and Software (RTOS/Linux/Android/QNX) platforms.

What we offer

A Team of Professionals to help you with

- Complete board or platform bring up - Development of device drivers for peripherals - Bootloader adaptation to target platform - Trust zone and Trustee implementation and integration - Development and enhancement of BSP for new platforms & various SoC’s - Integration of protocol stacks - Integration of codecs for specific applications - Porting and Optimization of 3rd party SW on specific target processors

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