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Mobile Applications are everywhere. Every software development company can do Mobile Applications. What makes Telma Studium so special?

  • We are the ones who, in the early 2000s, were lucky enough to contribute to the kickstart of the most popular Mobile Platform – Android OS.
  • We have helped so many OEMs to customize AOSP to their requirements and bring their Android smartphones to the market.
  • We know Android OS from top to bottom, so working with us your App customization capability becomes virtually endless.

Java, Kotlin, ObjectiveC, Swift, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin

Target Systems:

Android, iOS, Tizen, Harmony OS, Aurora, Wear OS, Cross-Platform

We offer a team of professional Mobile application developers to create brand new Mobile Apps, or re-work and upgrade your existing solution.

We can create your Mobile Application for different platforms and package it as you wish, including:

  • Android native application written on Java/Kotlin
  • iOS native application written on Objective-C/Swift
  • Xamarin apps for Android and iOS sharing the same codebase
  • React Native crossplatform apps for Android and iOS
  • Flutter crossplatform apps

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